Caunce Character Type Definitions


Good Ol' Boy

Southern accent, country roots, often a farmer/rancher, social, loyal, easy to get along with.


Superfan, highly intelligent, understands strategy, often well educated, funny, can be arrogant.

Seduce and Destroy

Young professional (marketing/sales), "ladies man", super arrogant, thinks he's very charming.

Social Butterfly (Perez Hilton)

Sometimes gay, super social, witty, extremely likeable.

Alpha Male Control Freak

CEO or doctor, rich and powerful, bossy, controlling.

The Specialist

Eccentric, little crazy, full of himself, huge character with huge stories, a legend in his own mind.

True Grit

Retired pro athlete or military guy, cop, firefighter. Bloody minded, single purpose, tough, not social.

John McClane

25-35 regular Joe (blue collar job), aggressive, intense, funny, social, athletic.

Surfer Dude

Long hair, easy going, very athletic, new agey, social, flakey job, calls you bro.

Mr. Miyagi

Kind, wise, intelligent, well spoken, not intense, highly reflective, easy going.


Intense middle aged man. Usually blue collar job. Very aggressive and high energy. Can be strong but not athletic. Critical and cut throat. Willing to do anything.


(Age: 25-35) The weirdo, strange job, seems the odd person out, nice, not strategic, likeable.


Tough Old Broad

(Age: 40+) wiry, very athletic, loyal, sometimes too nice, emotional.

Mommy Dearest

(Age: 35+) Mom, may or may not be athletic, either very maternal or very cutting.

Oh No You Didn't!

Loud, bossy, big opinions, outgoing, explosive, social, strong.


Very social, charming, pretty, talks about how she flirts all the time.

Little Red Riding Hood

Very young, gorgeous, pageant girl, can be tough but not particularly smart.

I Can See Your Periscope

(Age: 40+) Lawyer/cop/firefighter, very good at reading people, bossy, intelligent.

Secretly Smart Bikini Babe

(Age: 20-25) Often law/med student, very pretty, very intelligent.

Meredith Grey

(Age: 25-35) Doctor, lawyer, cop, teacher. Smart, intense, high energy.

Erin Brockovich

(Age: 30-45) Regular-ish job, very social, athletic, smart, competitive.

G.I. Jane

Extremely tough and athletic, likes to hunt/fish, sometimes a pro athlete.

Lady Gaga

Flakey, new agey, not mainstream, not strategic, spacey.

Chelsea Handler

Any profession. Very witty, critical, doesn't have to be gorgeous, highly intelligent, very social.

Culturally Awkward Girl

Outsider, nice, not strategic, shy, often Asian, sometimes weird job.

Crazy Cat Lady

Older, unstable, emotional, loud, off-putting, rough around the edges.

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